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We’re working on it!

COVID struck quite a blow, delaying the construction of our facility. We’re still targeting a 2022 opening.

Fingers crossed.

Check out our Beer Finder to find a suds slinger near you.
Always available on draft and in package at Tartboi HQ at Duneyrr.
Not available at your favorite bottle shop? Call ’em up and let ’em know!

Awesome! We currently self-distribute, so fill out the form and we’ll get back asap.

Unfortunately, no. Johnny Law ain’t having it. However, check out The Brewers Economic Equity and Relief  (BEER Act)

( This legislation would allow Illinois breweries to ship directly to consumers. This would be a massive game-changer for small breweries without any additional fees from third parties!


The incredibly talented Joana Fraga, of course. Check her out on Instagram or at

She is quite the prolific artist, offering prints of her stellar work and issues of her webtoons, Medusa & Judy and the Apocalypse.

Odious Cellars is a spruced up version of “A little shop of horrors”. It’s way better than the original name and concept. Ask Reeve about it next time you see him, but be prepared to lose an hour of your day.

Sure do.

Vile, Repugnant, Foul, and Loathsome. It’s a bit tongue-in-cheek, nothing too serious. Chill.

All of the nomenclature surrounding “sours” can be confusing, even for those making said beers. There aren’t any clearly defined categories or methods of production. For us, Mixed-culture refers to a combination of brettanomyces, lactobacillus, pediococcus, saccharomyces, and other various yeast and bacteria left to ferment naturally in oak until desired flavor is achieved. This can be anywhere from 8 to 36+ months, depending on the style and desired outcome.

How dare you. I’ll take my beer Gogurt free, thank you very much.

That ain’t us. Plenty of people make em’ and make em’ great. Why try to reinvent the wheel? We have been and will continue to experiment with the interplay between hops and various strains of Brettanomyces, however, we won’t be brewing any IPAs in the traditional sense. Lactose laden hop shakes are also off the menu.*

*Company culture and direction subject to change based on management’s lust for jetskis.

Eat farts and scram.
But seriously, the word “sour” is a lousy catch all term. If you enjoy enamel ripping pucker bombs used to take the paint off of speedboats, you may be disappointed with Odious. Molars left in their sockets, we promise. While our beers are lightly tart to keep the palette refreshed, we aim for complexity and depth of fermentation. Drinkability is almost priority #1.

One of the great quandaries of our time, no doubt. Sour beers can develop for years and years and we may never know if they have a peak age or expiration date. Many Belgian lambics are delightful after decades of aging. That being said, we’ll be sampling our archived beers every so often, keeping you posted on how they’re tasting over time.

Vegan – Yes.
Gluten Free – No.
Allergen Specific – Depends, but unlikely an issue.
We’re pretty opposed to adding any baking ingredients, so lactose is off the table for us. We’ll always be 100% transparent with ingredients, no surprises from us.

Most local recycling facilities are unable to process Paktech handles, but you can ship them to Paktech for reuse or return them back to us. We’d like to reuse them if we can and ease up our carbon footprint. If they’re not reusable, we can ship them in bulk to Paktech for them to recycle.

Please feel free to reach out to us anytime!