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Mixed Culture at Odious

In the production of mixed-culture fermentations, there is a second creative force at work, the yeast and bacteria. They're ever-evolving, creating new flavors and aromas over time. At Odious we act more as a partner to the culture, helping to guide its path instead of determining its outcome. This is why blending is an integral part of mixed-culture beers; each batch we make is part of an ongoing conversation with the recipe. Because of this interplay between the culture and our own goals, each vintage of a beer will present a new experience as our house culture undergoes continuous change, along with the seasonality of fruit, malt, and hops we use in each batch.

Brewing Process

Our Beer

Novo Terrano


Modern Lore


Things We Don't Say

Astral Kinesis


Fact or Fiction

The Secret History of All Things

Physis Nomos

Rubied Perspective

Symbol of Avarice