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Mixed Culture at Odious

In the production of mixed-culture fermentations, there is a second creative force at work, the yeast and bacteria. They're ever-evolving, creating new flavors and aromas over time. At Odious we act more as a partner to the culture, helping to guide its path instead of determining its outcome. This is why blending is an integral part of mixed-culture beers; each batch we make is part of an ongoing conversation with the recipe. Because of this interplay between the culture and our own goals, each vintage of a beer will present a new experience as our house culture undergoes continuous change, along with the seasonality of fruit, malt, and hops we use in each batch.

Brewing Process

Our Beer


Farmhouse Ale w/ Nelson Sauvin Hops

In Bloom

Saison w/ Violets, Wild Himalayan Lavender, Riesling Grapes, & Palo Santo

Tears of Ra

Biere de Miel w/ Orange Blossom Honey & Honeysuckle Petals


Sour w/ White Peach, Wildflower Honey, & Vanilla

Within the Willows

Sour w/ Cucumber, Juniper Berries, & Basil


Sour w/ Kaffir Lime Leaves, Black Limes, & Montmorency Cherries


Sour w/ Raspberries, Blueberries, Yuzu, & Meyer Lemon

Everywhere & Everywhen

Sour w/ Apricots, Almonds, & Orange Blossoms

Ode to Whimsy

Brett Witbier

Sleeping Prophet

Nouveau Flanders Sour Red

Prophecy of Vines

IPA w/ Brett

Of Veiled Origins

Carrot Cake Inspired Saison

Novo Terrano

Wet-Hopped IPA W/ Brett


Barrel-Aged Sour with Strawberries, Cherry Blossoms, & Himalayan Salt

Modern Lore

Mixed-Culture Lager


Brett Pilsner

Things We Don't Say

IPA w/ Brett

Astral Kinesis

Fruited Saison


Barrel-Aged Sour with Cabernet Sauvignon & Mulling Spices.

Fact or Fiction

Barrel-Aged Sour with Coffee, Cacao Nibs, & Vanilla

The Secret History of All Things

Mixed-Culture Saison

Physis Nomos

IPA w/ Brett

Rubied Perspective

Barrel Aged Sour with Cherries

Symbol of Avarice

Barrel Aged Sour with Peaches